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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Have You Seen Elephant? Written and illustrated by David Barrow. Gecko Press, Thomas Allen & Son. 2016. $26.99 ages 2 and up


Ready or not!

Where could he be?

Not under here.

Dad, have you seen

Hide-and-seek has never been so much fun! When a little boy and a humongous elephant decide to play a game, and the elephant is tasked with doing the hiding, Elephant offers a thought:

"I must warn you though.
I'm VERY good."

The boy is willing to do his darnedest to find his opponent. He counts down, and is then off to make a concerted effort to discover the hiding place. Wee ones will be aware of every single spot that Elephant chooses ... behind the drapes, not under but on the bed and under the comforter, behind Dad's television set, and even under a lampshade. When the search moves outside, Elephant keeps up the suspense. Again, little listeners will take note that the boy's pup always knows exactly where the hider is, and will be offering loud and exuberant advice.

The illustrations are beautifully fashioned in mixed media, with wonderful use of light and shadow to keep the game going for as long as the two are willing to hide, and to seek. So funny that it is sure to charm and entertain every time it is read. And oh, that surprise ending!


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