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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Are You Sure, Mother Bear? Written by Amy Hest and illustrated by Laura Tobia. Candlewick Press, Random House. 2016. $22.00 ages 3 and up

"Little Miss put her nose to the window. The stars were bright that night. Little Miss loved the stars. "I will miss my stars," she said. "Of course," Mother said. "But your stars will be right there, in their very own place, when we wake up next spring." "Are you sure, Mother Bear?" Mother Bear was sure. The moon was round that night ... "

It's the first night of winter. Little Miss Bear cannot sleep while snow is falling outside the window. She won't do it!! Mama snuggles in, shares toast, and watches the snow fall., her tiny daughter at her side. Still, sleep does not come.

Despite her mother's suggestion that winter is a time for bears to be sleeping, Little Miss is worried. There is so much she will miss. She will miss the stars, and the moon. She will miss the hills. Mother's quiet and soothing voice is always positive. Little Miss has the same question every time.

"Yes," Mother said. "You are very keen on rolling.
But your hills will be right there, in their very
own place, next spring, for rolling."
"Are you sure, Mother Bear?"
Mother Bear was sure."

Little Miss has a request ... a final nighttime roll in the snow. Mother exhibits patience and love when she takes her out into the winter landscape for an invigorating roll down a nearby hill. Will sleep come now?

Filled with rounded edges, a welcoming home, smiling faces, and plenty of detail, this is a lovely, reassuring story that might just bring the calm needed to put your little one to sleep. At least, you can always hope so.

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