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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Lines on Nana's Face, written and illustrated by Simona Ciraolo. Flying Eye Books, Publishers Group Canada. 2016. $25.95 ages 5 and up

"And how about this?"

"This is the best picnic
I have ever had by the

"And those?"

"Oh, those are from
the night I met your

It's Nana's birthday! Her granddaughter wants to be there because she knows how much Nana loves having everyone together. The wee one thinks Nana is  happy.

"But sometimes it looks like she might also
be a little sad, and a little surprised,
and slightly worried, all at the same time."

Having to look at my aging face in the mirror every day, I know exactly what the little girl means.

And so, the talk begins about those lines. Luckily, Nana doesn't mind having all them, as they mark important times in her life. Those lines store all of her wonderful lifetime memories. They talk about each one. As Nana recalls the special events that are so memorable for her, she lets her granddaughter know about a mystery solved, a picnic at the sea, a roller coaster ride, a special present, a sad goodbye, and great joy.

Each memory shared is then depicted on a lovely two page spread that brings meaning to them. Emotional and personal, this book certainly evokes memories of my own grandmother. I didn't see her often and she has been gone for many years. I know we never talked about her 'wrinkles', but I have warm memories of the rare times we did visit each year and some of the stories she shared.

Beautifully conceived and heartwarming, this book ups my admiration for Simona Ciraolo's talent. I will certainly anticipate sharing her lovely book with my granddaughters when they are old enough to consider all the lines on my face! And, I will look forward to any new book.

I will pair this with a book that has been on my favorites shelf since 1992, when it was first published. It's called Grandma, According to Me (Beil, Doubleday). I hope you can find a copy.  

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