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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Some Things I've Lost, by Cybele Young. Groundwood, 2015. $19.95 ages 5 and up

"You can't find something,
something you've lost.
You've looked all around,
retraced your steps.
You've checked every
possible place.

Where there's an end,
there's a beginning."

Where do people get their inspiration and imagination? If you know Cybele Young's previous works, you will not be surprised at the astonishing Japanese paper sculptures she has created for this book that stuns with its beauty and amazes with its creativity. She is a wonder!

As she explains in her opening statement, we often lose things and can't find them anywhere. Do you ever consider what they may have become while lost? If not, take a look at each of the magnificent foldouts that fill this book. Each is described before turning to the foldout.

"Fig. 1
OBJECT:  Roller Skate
LAST SEEN:  Basement - obstacle course"

What follows is a glorious reconstruction of the lost object, retaining the color and connecting it to the original object while also having it become something never seen before. In page after page, Ms. Young astounds with the depth of her imagination and wonder, through a series of five changes that keep the original connected to what it becomes. There is a hint at an underwater theme - some of changed objects resemble coral, fish, jellyfish.

Always surprising, demanding attention to detail, and remarkably creative. We do realize that 'anything is possible' when we see each of the new creatures sharing space on the final spread. 

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