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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Thank YOU!

Two words seem totally inadequate to express my gratitude to the readers of this blog since I began writing it on November 11, 2009. Today I post my 3,000th book and welcome the 300,000th visit from loyal readers. I want to acknowledge your dedication to children's literature and the importance your give to sharing books with the children in your lives.
I trust that you have found books to love yourselves, as I have surely done. I am blessed to have the time, the energy and the need to get these wonderful books into your hearts and hands, so that you can help kids find the 'just right' book when they need it the most.
I will carry on, knowing that you are reading and hopefully finding books that you want to have in your classrooms, your libraries, your homes.
Thank you for your support, your encouragement, your attention to what matters for our children - literacy for a lifetime!
A special thanks to my dear friend Ingrid who insisted that I write a blog, and did all the work to help me get started!

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  1. That's quite an accomplishment! Here's to another. 300,000 views!