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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Our Food: A Healthy Serving of Science and Poems, by Grace Lin and Ranida T. McKneally with illustrations by Grace Zong. Charlesbridge, Random House. 2016. $18.95 ages 5 and up

"Those little kernels
Have big noises inside them.
Best cover your ears!

What makes popcorn pop?

Not just any corn will pop.
Popcorn is different from
sweet corn on the cob. The
bran around a popcorn kernel
is very hard ... "

Sharing this book puts kids in the know about five food groups ... fruits, proteins, vegetables, grains and dairy. The added bonus is that they discover that by eating foods from each of the mentioned groups, they will put themselves on track to a healthier way of living.

Each of the groups is introduced in a haiku, followed by three double-page spreads that help readers learn a good deal about the foods that are part of the named category. The questions asked for fruits are: What is a fruit?, What makes fruits sweet?, and finally, Why Are Fruits Colorful? 

A descriptive haiku has a place on each spread, and the facing informative paragraphs that answer the questions are accompanied by colorful acrylic illustrations that show five children visiting a local farm and learning what they need to know from the farmer who accompanies them on their visit. There is much to learn, and it is presented in a format that children will find enjoyable and helpful when learning about good nutrition.

Advice for making appropriate choices for the foods we eat follows the text:

"In general, though, you can think
of each meal as a divided plate: about
a quarter vegetables, a quarter fruits,
a quarter whole grains, and a quarter
healthy protein."

Good for all families and welcome in classrooms where you are planning a study of nutrition and healthy eating. A glossary is also helpful.  

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