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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Eat your greens reds yellows and purples, edited by Sadie Thomas. DK Canada, 2016. $15.99 ages 6 and up

"HOWDY, ALL! First up, there's bold broccoli, then there's amazing avocado, followed by luscious lime, powerful peas, great green beans, and last, but not least, strong spinach! Greens are good for your overall health and, in particular, your blood and heart ... I'm high in antioxidants, which help to slow down wear and tear on your body's cells."

If you want to up the vegetables and fruits that your family is eating, it's so important for kids to buy into the idea. What better way than to have them help prepare a family meal? To that end, I want to tell you about this wonderful new book from DK Publishing. You know how much I love their books!

As you can tell by the title, this one gives guidance in getting more greens, reds, yellows, purples and oranges into your diet. There is a section carefully prepared for each of the colors, and each of those sections begins with the reasons for eating that color, and then introducing those fruits and vegetables that will be used in the delicious recipes to follow. The recipes are presented in double page spreads, each with a numbered method for preparation, a list of the ingredients that will be used and clear, colorful photographs meant to make your mouth water.

In the green section, I chose first to try the green bean stir-fry (AMAZING!) and then the Black Bean and Guacamole Quesadilla (sure to a favorite for my soon-to-be-visiting granddaughter). Both will become part of my meal plan. With sections on reds, yellows, purples and oranges to go, I'm sure you will find some family favorites as well. Red Pepper Hummus, Layered Berry Cheesecakes, Sunshine Rice, and Carrot and Orange treats are next up for my taste buds!

The opening section presents safety rules, a key to the symbols used, the equipment used for preparation of the 25 vegetarian recipes included, the health benefits that come from including each of the colors in a balanced diet, the many fruits and vegetables available for our use, and help in preparing some of the basic ingredients used. Then, on with the collection of deliciousness ... so many appealing and appetizing new meals to try. I know you will find something here to please every member of the family.

A clear table of contents and an index are helpful.

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