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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Surf's Up, written by Kwame Alexander and illustrated by Daniel Miyares. North/South. Canadian Manda Group. 2016. $21.95 ages 5 and up


What happened?


Oh, I cannot wait to share this story in a classroom! It has all those elements that will have kids begging to hear it again. It's about friends, about the beach, about surfing, and about reading. Reading? At the beach when the waves are high and perfect for exhilarating action? You just never know when a book will grab you, and take your attention away from every other thing that you love to do! You have been there, right?

Two frog friends named Bro and Dude (oh, you know it's going to be a great readaloud) love the beach and surfing. So when Dude is anxious to be on the way, Bro is distracted by a book. Dude cannot believe him ... a book rather than the beach? What the heck is happening here?

Finally, they set off:  Bro with his nose in the book, and Dude hauling all the equipment including his book-loving friend. The conversation goes back and forth: Bro reacts with great gusto to what is happening in his book about 'a man looking for a WHALE!' Those reactions get Dude's attention and distract him completely.

They found the whale again.


Full of fun and lively emotional language, this is a book that will thrill those who love the lure of a good story. As happens in perfect picture books, Daniel Miyares captures that emotion in the faces of these big-eyed froggy friends and the non-stop action of the waves from both the ocean and the reading experience. His textured, colorful images will draw readers to every action portrayed and encourage them to take the time to pore over each spread.

A fully realized adventure of the imagination, with a shout-out to the power of reading the 'just right' book!

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