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Thursday, May 19, 2016

OOPS POUNCE QUICK RUN! An Alphabet Caper, written and illustrated by Mike Twohy. Balzer + Bray, Harper. 2016. $21.99 ages 2 and up

"A little mouse is
asleep until a
ball suddenly bounces
into his home, setting
off an epic chase -
from A to Z."

I could start at the beginning frame of this inventive new alphabet book, tell you what each of the 26 letters stands for, and then you wouldn't have to get a copy! If you don't find it in your bookstore or at the library, you will miss a zippy story meant to delight young listeners, and the opportunity to follow the frenzied chase so brilliantly depicted by Mike Twohy.

A gray mouse's peaceful slumber is greatly disturbed when a ball bounces through his mouse hole and lands in his lap. A yellow dog comes looking for it, and the chase is on! Only one word per letter is needed to bring full meaning to all that is happening here.

Using India ink and felt-tipped pens, Mr. Twohy takes his readers on a lively adventure throughout the house. The two protagonists leave a path of destruction in their wake that will have kids giggling as they quickly turn pages to keep up with the action. Plenty of white space keeps their attention fully focused on the chase participants, their expressions and emotions - right down to the final Zzzz!

You know how much I love alphabet books! This is a 'keeper' for its ingenious format. Read it the first time for its pace and movement. Read it more slowly the second time to take in the storytelling details. It will be an endless favorite read, I am sure of it.

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