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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Daniel Finds a Poem, written and illustrated by Micha Archer. A Nancy Paulsen Book, Penguin. $21.99 ages 5 and up

"He looks up in surprise
when he hears Spider say,

"To me, poetry is when
morning dew glistens."

On Tuesday, Daniel climbs
the old oak tree. He sees

It's a surprise to Daniel when a Monday visit to 'his' beloved park has an invitation at the main gate - "POETRY in the PARK  SUNDAY at 6 O'clock." It sparks a question in Daniel's mind concerning poetry itself.

As he wanders its paths and meets up with the creatures that he loves, he is inspired to ask each one about poetry. Every day of the week, he gets a new and thoughtful answer. Finally on Saturday night, he has a chance to ask Owl the question he has been asking all week, and Owl has an answer, too.

"Oh, poetry! Poetry is bright stars
in the branches, moonlight on the grass,
and silent wings to take me wherever I go."

Thanks to his many friends, Daniel knows exactly what to share on Sunday at 6. He is elated, and ready!

What a glorious introduction to poetry this is for little ones! In lovely language Ms. Archer shows how Daniel's friends in the park view their world and serenely offer their thoughts. To add beautifully to the appeal, the author creates glorious images 'in oil and collage, using tissue paper and patterned papers created with homemade stamps'. Full of rich color and luscious detail, she has created an urban park setting that is textured and full of wonder for a small boy with a burning question.

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