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Monday, April 4, 2016

How Many Sleeps 'til my Birthday? Written by Mark Sperring and illustrated by Sebastien Braun. Tiger Tales, Publishers Group Canada. 2016. $23.95 ages 3 and up

"So out they went into the woods and carefully collected some branches and twigs. That night, tucked in tight, Little Pip thought he heard the scrape of a saw and the tap of a hammer before .... z z z z z
he fell fast asleep. The next morning, when Daddy Grizzle was still snoozing, Little Pip gave him a shake."

Little ones love books about birthdays! They are always so excited about the upcoming event and can hardly bear to wait out the time it takes to get to the celebration itself.

In this book about an ursine father and son, we learn right at the get-go how keen Little Pip is about early mornings - given that he thinks every one of them is his birthday. Unfortunately for Daddy Grizzle, his son can't quite understand the nuances of waiting. So, when he wakes him day after day in anticipation of the big day, Daddy has a similar response:

"Then THUD, he jumped out of bed and dashed out the door.
"But WAIT," said Daddy Grizzle. "Today isn't your birthday.
There are still THREE whole sleeps 'til your birthday."
"Really ...?" sighed Little Pip.
"Really," nodded Daddy Grizzle,
"but seeing that we're up,
let's go out anyway."

Daddy is not the kind of bear to let the day get away on him once he is out of bed. So, the two head off each morning, with a task in mind. Once Pip is safely tucked in bed that night the items gathered are put to good use. Attentive listeners and watchers will have some idea of the plans being put in place, even if Little Pip seems oblivious to it all.

When he finally wakes up KNOWING that today is the day, he has a set of instructions to follow and a big surprise in store.

The colorful artwork offers a chance for close-up attention to detail and for shared discussion. The surprise ending is sure to elicit a laugh, and perhaps a calendar lesson or two.

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