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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bugs, Bees, and other Buzzy Creatures, edited by Wendy Horobin. DK Canada. 2016. $9.99 ages 5 and up

"Buzzy bees

Bees are busy insects.
Every day they fly off
to collect nectar from
hundreds of flowers,
which they turn into
sweet, golden honey."

In another of the engaging and informative books of nonfiction created for little learners by DK, we take in tidbits of information about the busy bees, wriggly caterpillars, butterflies, darting dragonflies, hoppers and crickets, buzzy bees, brilliant beetles, spotted ladybugs and awesome ants that will soon be back with us. Spring is coming, I promise ... and with it come the many creatures that are soon to fascinate the inquisitive and frustrate the adults trying to answer their many questions.

This little gem may be just the ticket to answer your questions so that you might answer theirs. The table of contents provides guidance to those pages that most interest you and your charges. The double page spreads offer clear photos, helpful captions and small bits of information that will not overwhelm.

"Bugs come in all shapes and sizes.
You can often tell which type you are
looking at by counting its legs."

The number of legs lets children know just exactly what kind of bug they are seeing.  A follow-up activity is fun and well designed. With egg cartons, scissors, paint, googly eyes and pipe cleaners, they are set to create their own collection of 'boxy bugs'.

As well as the informative bits, there are activities that include creating butterflies and dragonflies, making homey cookies, and a maze game meant to encourage youngsters help the worker ant find its way to the queen.

You are in for some fun when you share this book!

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