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Friday, March 4, 2016

This is My Rock, written and illustrated by David Lucas. Flying Eye Books, 2015. $25.50 ages 3 and up

"This is my rock.

Not your rock.

This is my rock.

Not your rock.

This is my rock.

Not your rock."

How often do you hear yourself say, 'this is mine'? If you live with little ones, you might hear it more often that you would like. But, I will bet that those are your words at times as well. Often, you might be less inclined to share what is yours with anyone else. 

That being said, the work that the young goat has undertaken to get to the top of a mountain makes him quite possessive of the spot he claims as his. He is really not keen on anyone else attempting to share it with him. As he watches other animals making their way toward him, he voices his displeasure at the fact that they are approaching 'his' spot. They think it looks like fun; he knows it is.
He is not inclined to share any part of it!

So, he hustles them back down the mountain with a repeated refrain: 'This is my rock.'  Once they have departed, he enjoys the many pleasures of his high perch, until he isn't sure that he is as happy as he could be. He's cold, and he's lonely. Perhaps, he can make it better. Down the mountain he goes with hope in his heart. The surprise ending is a bit of a comeuppance!

David Lucas does a terrific job of creating the patterned images that give his book such presence. I love the bright colors and the speech bubbles used to tell a simple story with a bit of a lesson. Little ones will soon be reading it independently, grumpily, and with understanding.


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