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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Big Bear, little chair, written and illustrated by Lizi Boyd. Chronicle Books, Raincoast. 2015. $23.99 ages 3 and up

"Big Plant

little cocoon

little umbrella

Big Bird

Big Zebra

little broom

little butterfly

Big Rock"

Lizi Boyd, as she has done before, captivates her audience in this newest book that considers opposites in unusual ways. The word pair, little and big, focuses her readers on the concept of size of objects in relation to one another.

There are four distinct sections. First is Big Bear little chair, the second Big Chair little bear, and the third returns to Big Bear little chair - this section includes the addition of the word 'tiny'. The final two pages are the culmination of everything has come before this point in the book.

While the text is simple, the concept itself looms large with the addition of Ms. Boyd's brilliant and creative gouache illustrations. The book's  design is so attractive and perfect for little hands, leaving a lasting image when young children think on the concept of size. Changes in font to describe what they are seeing helps them when considering the unique stories being told in its art. The thin, seemingly tall, book assures that it is unique in its presentation. The illustrations are mostly black, gray and white, with bursts of red. They allow children to look closely and use their imaginations to determine the stories being told.

"Big bear
little bear
tiny stories ...

Lizi Boyd is a master storyteller and a marvelous artist. This book proves it one more time! Every time you share it you will find something new. Enjoy!


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