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Saturday, January 23, 2016

I WILL CHOMP YOU! Written by Jory John and illustrated by Bob Shea. Random House, 2015. $20.99 ages 3 and up

I'm warning you!

You've been officially


Well, I missed.
But I won't miss again."

Kids love these books that make reading so much fun. The blue monster in this new book by Jory John poses a lot of threats! He hates it when kids turn the book's pages. He has rabbits and frogs and birds quaking in their proverbial boots with is massive eyes, his chomping mouth and his snarling demeanor.

Every one of the animals evident on the page is quaking with fear. Then, CHOMP! The fact that he missed his prey only fuels his anger and pushes the threats to a higher level.

"Well, I missed.
But I won't miss again.

You do NOT want to turn
another page, buster.

You do NOT want these feet
running at you.

You do NOT want these teeth
chomping at you.


By the time you reach the middle of the book, you learn that there is a reason for his not wanting you turning any pages. After a few misses, he is ready to admit there is method to his madness. Turns out he has all his cakes at the end, and they are magnificent! The persistent readers who have come this far are told that it doesn't often happen. The monster doesn't want to share them!

After an offer to share half is not taken seriously, the monster comes up with his own solution.

The artwork is as silly as the premise for this entertaining readaloud. The colors are bright, the pages action-filled, emotions evident, and the bold voice of the monster will have young readers wanting to act out his anger. It is a perfect accompaniment to one of the books my kids loved when they were young ... There's a Monster at the End of This Book! It is still in print all these years later.


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