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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Really LIke Slop! Written and illustrated by Mo Willems. Hyperion Books for Children, Hachette. 2015. $10.99 ages 3 and up

"Eating slop is part of
pig culture.


Should it smell like that?


Pop! Yesssssss!"

Slop would not be my first choice for the premise of a new drama: but then, I am not Mo Willems and I do not have such an irreverent sense of humor, or his innate ability to find the best things for the best of friends to share.

Gerald is not nearly as keen for 'slop' as Piggie is! His initial reaction is to the smell, the attendant flies and the fact that Piggie eats it  is ... are you kidding? Piggie loves everything about it. The flies are a necessity to help determine whether it is ripe or not. Offering a taste from her bowl and having Gerald adamantly refuse it, leaves Piggie overwhelmed with sadness.

Being the terrific friend that he is, Gerald calls her back and agrees to give it a try. Will he try a big taste? No, perhaps a small one. As the slop gets closer and closer to her friend's mouth, Piggie is ever supportive.  She even wonders if he might like to know 'how I get that "old shoe" taste'. While Gerald cannot agree that he likes it, he does admit he is happy to have tried it. And, there is a good reason for that!

The illustrations are, as usual, perfect in every way. I continue to be absolutely astonished that Mr. Willems gets so much emotion and humor onto the page. The facial expressions are ever-changing and sure to please. The reaction to the tiny taste of slop takes six pages of bold colors, and eye-bursting hilarity sure to have fans of the two spectacular friends pleased to be in their company once more. I'm already anticipating adding the next one to the shelf that already holds 24 mini dramas.


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