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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Written and Drawn by Henrietta, a TOON book by Liniers. Publishers Group Canada, 2015. $17.95 ages 4 and up

"What were you doing
inside my wardrobe?

We were looking for a HAT
for Louie. He doesn't have

Aw, poor Louie!

We sure could use some

Two stories for the price of one! How fun is that? In the hands of the very talented Argentine artist Liniers, it is quite the book to share. Henrietta is at the heart of it, with her new box of colored pencils, her vivid imagination and an awesome talent for getting her story on the page!

She loves her new art supplies:

"A  box of colored
pencils is as close
as you can get
to owning a
piece of the

Pencils in hand, she sets out to write a brand new tale, The Monster with Three Heads and Two Hats. The images are childlike, while also being scary - even scaring the artist herself with noises and mystery. She likes her story, using all she knows about writing to 'thicken the plot', build the suspense, and explain it all to her cat Fellini who offers an audience and pertinent questions about her work.

Humorous, observant to the elements of story building, and acknowledging useful punctuation add interest for the reader. Henrietta moves the story along with gusto. She is impressed with her own work, never knowing exactly what might happen next. She keeps it fluid and lively. I love the diversion from the intense action when she draws and captions the numerous hats to be found in Emily's closet.

"The best things
are the ones that
make you say


This old
encyclopedia really
knows a lot about
hat -o-logy."

There are monsters, a mute mouse adept at directions, and a wonderful gift for Emily. All bring the tale to its faultless conclusion. The two worlds - the one of the writer herself and the one of the story being told so wonderfully - keep readers aware and aching to know what comes next when creativity is allowed free rein.

Brilliant, wise,  and perfect for any aspiring writer you might know. Let this book be their inspiration to follow that dream!                                                                         

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