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Friday, December 4, 2015

this ORQ. (he cave boy), written by David Elliott and illustrated by Lori Nichols. Boyds Mills Press, Publsihers Group Canada. 2015. $18.95 ages 3 and up


But Orq's mother
not convinced.
Woma shed.

Woma smell.

Woma not house-trained."

If you were a cave boy, what would your pet be? You wouldn't likely have the choices that children in the modern world have. Orq has a woolly mammoth! Woma starts out small, as babies are wont to do. Then, he grows as babies do. But, this baby has no stopping in him. Soon, Woma is so big that his size becomes increasingly more difficult for the family, as does his ever growing amount of hair. And there are other problems as well.

Mother wants him OUT! Orq is inconsolable and works hard to make Woma more appealing to his resolute mother.

"Orq get big idea.
Teach Woma tricks.
Mother think Woma smart.
Mother think Woma cute.
Mother love Woma."

The tricks lead to even more trouble. What can Orq do? Is there a solution?

One day while out hunting, he inadvertently garners the attention of a sabertooth tiger. Sure to be lunch for the tiger, it's Woma to the rescue. The tiger is off and the little boy is safe. That is all it takes! Woma is welcomed back into the cave with open arms.

There IS one slight problem!

Offbeat language, a funny premise, a surprise ending and lively pencil drawings by Lori Nichols are sure to make this a story time favorite that will have kids making noise to hear it all over again ... and then again! Be prepared.

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