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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hilda and the Troll, by Luke Pearson. Flying Eye Books, 2013. $15.50 ages 8 and up

"A monster!

A monster ...


Of course cosiness
is even more appreciated
with a friend.

Even a soggy one."

If you haven't yet met Hilda, now's the time!. In this reissue, with added pages and a brand new title, you will share the story that captured attention as Hildafolk  (2011), and begin to understand why she is as popular today as when her story first appeared. If you know kids who love graphica and want adventure, it's the perfect book!

Hilda is just a little girl, as you can see by looking at the cover. Luke Pearson has created a charming character sure to be embraced by readers. Her small blue-and-white fox companion, the little man who shows up as a constant guest, even the particularly nasty looking Troll also have character and appeal.

Being outside on a dark and stormy night does not daunt her. She shows no fear, she loves adventure and she is keen to face whatever life might bring. She likes the rain and the wind, every bit of it. Once the night is done and daylight dawns, she is off to explore and pursue her love of drawing what she sees wherever adventure might take her. She loves life and she shows it at every turn!

Luke Pearson provides a wondrous adventure for his young readers, playing with color and design and adding humor that will take his audience back again and again to check out all that is happening on the image-filled pages. I love the feel of the matte finish, the bright colors, and the very classy look of the book as a whole. It is an auspicious start for a series of stories that now number three.

If you are looking for a special book to entertain and enchant, you have a winner in Hilda.

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