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Thursday, October 1, 2015

This is Sadie, written by Sara O'Leary and illustrated by Julie Morstad. Tundra Books, Random House. 2015. $19.99 ages 4 and up

"Sadie's perfect day is spent
with friends.
Some of them live on her street,
and some live in the pages of books.

Sadie has been a girl who lived
under the sea.

She has been a boy raised by

Oh, Sadie! What a lovely and imaginative young lady you are! I so enjoyed reading about your days. I could see you inside that box when we first met. Well, I thought it was a cardboard box. You tell me that it is really a big boat. That mat I thought it was sitting on is really an enormous sea?! I turned the page and there you were, aboard a sailing ship under sunny skies and thoroughly enjoying yourself.

Sadie is a quiet adventurer. As she builds in the early morning, she knows she should be quiet ...

"... because old people need a lot of sleep."

She is a girl after my old heart, that's for sure. Her room reminds me of the days when our kids decided that every manner of material needed to be moved from their rooms into the living room so that they might build 'forts' and have grand adventures. There are many things that Sadie can imagine herself being, including the hero role in a fairy tale world. Armed with a bow and arrows, and sitting astride a magnificent steed, she moves forward with purpose.

Her days are filled with new pursuits, and they pass much too quickly. She does gravitate toward her favorite thing at the end of her busy, satisfying day:

"She likes to make boats of boxes
and castles out of cushions.
But more than anything she likes stories,
because you can make them from nothing at all."

Julie Morstad's fanciful artwork is created using gouache, watercolor and pencil crayon. Each image is detailed and adds charm to the story of a little girl whose real and imaginary world delight all readers.

Sadie, I do hope to see you again!

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