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Monday, August 10, 2015

Wherever You Go, written by Pat Zietlow MIller and illustrated by Eliza Wheeler. Little, Brown and Company, Hachette. $19.00 ages 3 and up

"Roads ... zoom.
Beneath city buildings
that tower so high,
twinkling like stars
in the dark velvet sky.
Racing past signs.
Reflecting their light.
Zigging and zagging.
Turn left. Then turn right.

Roads ... bend."

Oh, the places a road might take you!

Come along with a rabbit and his owl companion as they explore many roads to adventure in this lovely, happy book! The rhyming text is certainly an invitation to exploration and freedom. The rabbit's bicycle is equipped with everything needed to keep the adventure real and enjoyable.

Along country lanes, on busy city streets, at the seashore, all avenues are explored. Occasionally a detour takes them to unexpected places that offer entertainment and delight. Always, they return to a road that will bring fascination and new discovery.

Each turn of the page brings a new vista. Eliza Wheeler creates landscapes that encourage readers to consider new personal stories, and to take a careful look at all she has included in her light-filled and detailed artwork. I was constantly drawn to all there is to see in double page spreads awash with autumn colors.

"Roads ... wait.
For click-clacking trains
and boats with tall sails.
Slow-going hay wagons carrying bales.

Stoplights and crosswalks,
a deer with a friend.
Roads sometimes pause,
or just come to an end."

Can't you just picture it yourself? Your imagination may not even bring you close to the scene that Ms. Wheeler has created! But, what wonder awaits!

It's perfect for sharing repeatedly ... and always welcomes the little ones home:

"Back to the hill,
under that bridge,
deep in your valley,
high on your ridge.

Roads take you all over the planet, but then ...
you always can follow them home once again."

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