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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Me, Too! Written by Annika Dunklee and illustrated by Lori Joy Smith. Kids Can Press, 2015. $ 718.95 ages 4 and up

"When Annie goes to Lillemor's house, she gets to try all different kinds of Swedish foods.

Blueberry soup?
Mmm, sounds delicious.

And when Lillemor goes to Annie's house, Annie likes her to try something different, too."

There is nothing that Annie and her friend Lillemor don't like to do together. They are so much the same. They are the same age, have the same favorite colors, and can both speak two languages. Lillemor's second language is speaks Swedish; Annie's is Oinky Boinky! They are a match made in heaven.

When Annie arrives at school to see Lillemor playing with another girl, she is surprised and concerned - perhaps a tiny bit jealous. It's made worse when Annie discovers that Lillemor and Lilianne also have a great deal in common. Lilianne also speaks French. Oh, my!

"Annie frowns. Both girls' names begin with "Lil"!
Lilianne. Lillemor.
Annie doesn't have a single "L" in her name!"

It's enough to make Annie break into her second language, and hide herself in her hoodie. She admits she is feeling left out. In talking it out, the three realize that they have a lot in common. They can ALL play together!

So, what's the worry??

This is sure to be a hit with listeners and for readers. The cartoon-like, friendly images speak to the tone of the book, and the happy ending. Friendship is not always easy - this would be a perfect book for those first days of school as you try to build understanding and community in your classroom.

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