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Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Wonderful Year, written and illustrated by Nick Bruel. A Neal Porter Book, Roaring Brook Press, Macmillan. 2015. $19.99 ages 4 and up

"We are a merry trio!
A trio!
A trio!
We are a merry trio,
So happy are we three!
We'll sail upon a pirate ship!
A pirate ship ... " 

A sudden realization that it has snowed while she was sleeping leads a young girl with a huge grin to head for the great outdoors; but not before she dons each of the items suggested by her parents, her pets, and various and sundry others. She is unrecognizable when she is finally dressed to everyone's specifications. Not only that, by the time she is ready, spring has arrived! So much for Part One: Winter Wear.

The full double page spread announcing spring's arrival has the dull, gloomy grays of the houses on her street in winter replaced by a brightly colored assortment of styles standing boldly in the warm sunshine. Welcome, Spring Slendor! With magic wand and wearing a tutu, she is off to sing her way through its sunny days, until she meets up with her cantankerous cat who has no interest in hearing her songs. Refusing to be discouraged, she insists the cat join her merry band. When the cat becomes even more annoyed, the girl and her loyal canine sidekick agree to go on without her. HA!

Facing the blazing heat of Summer Sidewalks, she is joined by a huge purple hippopotamus. She is so hot she melts into the sidewalk. The hippo, brilliant idea in mind, slurps her up through a straw and puts her in the fridge freezer while he takes a break to watch TV. As you know, TV watching can make you forget time is passing. Four hours later, the girl is a block of ice, a new idea for righting the situation is born. The shoe is now on the other foot!

In Fall Foliage, we find her reading under a tree. The tree has questions about her book. She explains that in reading she is learning about trees, and the fact that their leaves change color in the fall. By the way, they also lose all their leaves. The tree is reassured when told it is what should happen, before we learn what happens to the last leaf.

This is a picture book wander through the seasons, in a format sure to please young readers - especially those who are getting closer to reading independently. It mixes traditional story book form with the panels associated with comics. Fun to share, and wacky enough to bring a laugh or two.  

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