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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Will Take a Nap! Written and illustrated by Mo Willems. Hyperion Books for Children, Disney Book Group. Hachette, 2015. $10.99 ages 3 and up

"What are you doing?"

"I am trying to take a
nap because I am TIRED
and CRANKY!"


"And a nap helps if
you are cranky?"

I have been living with a ten-month-old for the past three weeks; she has taught us what cranky is when she's in need of a nap! She hates to miss a single thing, finding it hard to succumb to sleep when there is a chance that a visitor might come to the door, or the phone might ring, or a text might arrive. What will she miss? There will come a time in the near future when she will appreciate Gerald and Piggie's newest story as much as I do.

Appreciate it, I do! Gerald wants to take a nap. He is aware that he is cranky and irritable. He has a sleeping mat. He has his Knuffle Bunny in his arms. He has the hopes that good dreams might be his.
Enter Piggie - in a dream bubble. Can this be good?

As Gerald stretches out and settles in, Piggie loudly calls his name. It startles him, making him even crankier with his best friend. Quickly contrite, he apologizes. Now, Gerald is not the only one who is cranky - and getting crankier by the second. Both are now in need of that nap. Soon, they are settled and content.

Or, are they? Turns out that Piggie might have found her real talent - snoring! Her snoring is relentless. Gerald is getting no sleep. When he thinks she is finally done, Piggie lets loose another terrible snore, just prior to waking up with a smile and a yawn. She is refreshed, alert and not cranky at all. Can the same be said for Gerald?

Piggie has yet another surprise in store!

If you, or your kids, are readers who notice the slightest change in the trajectory of a tale, you won't be too surprised at the ending. Mo Willems has an unstoppable ability to create stories of friendship that make us consider every aspect of the telling.

23 times he has done it! These stories never get old. They entertain, delight and leave readers young and old begging for more. Please, Mr. Willems!

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