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Monday, May 11, 2015

Baseballogy: Supercool Facts You Never Knew, written by Kevin Sylvester. Annick Press, 2015. $14.95 ages 8 and up

"There are 11 million kids playing baseball in North America. How many will make the "bigs"? Only about 800. See how hard it is? About 10,000 of those 11 million will make it to the various levels of the minor leagues. So, the chances of making it one to three steps away from the majors are 1 in 1,100. "

With basketball and hockey winding down, viewers can once again turn their attention to the 'national pastime', also called 'the greatest sport on earth'. Kevin Sylvester's new baseball book will provide a welcome break from the uncountable repetitive ads that bombard you as you watch any sports show.

You will browse through it for hours only to discover such facts as:

"Nine-inning games can be pretty long too. In 2006, the Orioles beat the Yankees 14-11 in the longest nine-inning game ever played - a marathon 4 hours and 45 minutes. Okay, so maybe some baseball games can be boring ... especially if they end five hours past your bedtime!"


"The shortest nine-inning game was just 51 minutes long. The New York Giants beat the Philadelphia Phillies 6-1 in 1919."

Which would you rather have attended?

Every turn of the page offers a new and informative 'supercool fact you never knew': from science and psychology to mathematics and folklore. For those who love baseball, the book explores much about the game itself, the equipment used, baseball cards, and even injuries that no one could have believed might happen. The illustrations are colorful and often funny, the design allows for bouncing from one subject to another by checking the table of contents (35 separate two-page spreads), the charts and graphs help understand what is being shared, the index takes you back to your favorite facts, and a Baseball Trivia Quiz will test your knowledge. (Answers are provided, thankfully!)

Do you know someone interested in baseball, or are you? You cannot go wrong with this book. You will be able to regale your buddies with stories gleaned while reading it, for hours on end.

"Kendry Morales once hit a grand slam (a home run with the bases loaded) to help his team, the Lost Angeles Angels, win a big game. His teammates were so excited, they mobbed him at home plate. He jumped in the air, landed in the middle of the crowd, and broke his leg. Morales missed the rest of that season and the next."

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