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Friday, April 24, 2015

Raindrops Roll, by April Pulley Sayre. Beach Lane Books, Simon & Schuster. 2014. $21.99 ages 4 and up

"Raindrop spangles
mark angles.

They cling to curves
and cover cocoons.

Raindrops settle.
They slip.
They dot.
They drip."

This morning, here in Victoria, the raindrops are rolling. They are soft and gentle, and make the air feel cool and refreshing. I can already see spots of blue sky. I might be doing the same thing that April Pulley Sayre did in writing this beautiful new book ... gazing in wonder at the beauty that is rain!

With lively text and stunning photographs readers are drawn to the wonder of a rainstorm, and the beauty of the sunlight sparkle that often follows. Taking the time to be awed by natural phenomena is one of the real pleasures that can be found to do with no money at all. We just need to let our curiosity lead the way to the beauty of our own backyards and neighborhoods.

April Pulley Sayre uses the rhythm of our language to engage our ears while we observe the many amazing things that happen well before the rain starts, through the storm, when it subsides. Little has escaped her attention. Her camera, ever ready, captures the most delightful small moments while celebrating the storm.

Stunning in design, this book will capture attention and hopefully do just what its author intends ... get us out there with cameras and open eyes to see what we can see. The day matters not; the sensitive observation is what counts. There is such joy in this wondrous world of ours.

In the concluding pages, aspiring scientists are sure to be enticed by the information shared. Rain is explained in terms of its science: how clouds form, what raindrops look like, the many things that tiny raindrops do.

"You return raindrops to the sky. Your breath is moist and full of water. The water you breathe out may become part of a cloud. It may fall as rain on a mountain, far away. When your tears dry, the water vapor goes into the air and could someday rain down again too."

If you want to know more, Ms. Sayre provides a list of further resources.

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