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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mommy & Me Bake: Bake and Learn Together.Edited by Laura Palosuo. Dorling Kindersley, Tourmaline Editions, Inc. 2015.$16.99 ages 4 and up

"Why does dough rise? Water and flour make a stretchy dough to trap the gas bubbles that yeast produces. This makes the dough rise. Whey do we need to knead? Kneading makes the dough elastic. When it's really stretchy, it can hold gas bubbles that the yeast makes. As more and more bubbles are made, the dough will start to rise."

A word of caution: don't read this when you are hungry. You might just find yourself doing the baking suggested on your own without waiting for the perfect time to share the experience with a young one. The pictures will make you drool! Plus, I think that you might learn something more about the baking process as you share some of these scrumptious recipes.

The table of contents shows that the baking tasks will include cookies, cakes, bread, and pastry. I knew that I could learn something new! Baking basics provides a comprehensive list of rules for the kitchen, a key to the symbols used and what every kitchen should have if baking is to be one of its functions. A double page spread, replete with excellent photos, then shows how Weighing and measuring are done. One more thing before we get to the recipes; Ingredient magic explains how the most basic ingredients impact the results.

Now, let's get on with it!  In a nod to the fact that baking is not just about desserts, parents and their aspiring chefs will find recipes that make a complete meal. The first spread has a colored border for the photo that shows just exactly which ingredients will be needed to ensure success. An information box allows that all of the necessary equipment will be at hand, and sets a time line for the task. Following that, close-up colored photographs walk readers (and bakers) through a clear step-by-step method for each of the recipes included.

If I were having company for dinner tonight, and children were involved, I would love to try the Pizza People with help from those in attendance. Then, all there is to do is enjoy the fruits of your labor before baking another tempting treat!

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