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Friday, April 17, 2015

By Day, By Night, written by Amy Gibson and illustrated by Meilo So. Boyds Mills Press, Publishers Group Canada. 2014. $18.95 ages 3 and up

"We wash.
We brush.
We dress.
We eat.
We greet each other
when we meet.
We buy and sell.
We give and trade.
We offer what
our hands have made."

It is a simple text; it is also sincere and wise. It is a poetic celebration of people around the world. It shows how we do the same things in different ways on a daily basis.

In the reading, we move from rising in the early morning until 'daylight dies' and sleep overtakes us once again. In the pages between the two parts of a day, we meet children of the world. This lovely books was written to raise funds for The Global Orphan Project and is dedicated to all the children who are gifts to the world. The author pledges that the her proceeds from its sale will be invested in those children.

Meilo So's signature pencil and watercolor images show beautiful children occupied with daily living. The things they do are typical. Customs may be slightly different; these are shown brilliantly in double page spreads. Seasons change, as do circumstances. In each and every one, we realize how much we have in common despite those subtle differences. Children love to be with friends, to hope, to dream, to delight in the world around them.

Imagine the learning that will take place when young children closely observe each smiling face, each new experience. Be prepared to learn with them.

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