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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Walk on the Wild Side, written and illustrated by Nicholas Oldland. Kids Can Press, 2015. $16.95 ages 3 and up

"One sunny morning,
the bear, the moose and
the beaver decided it was
a great day to climb a
mountain. To get to the
mountain, they descended
into a valley ...
Walked through a grassy
field ...

If you are a fan of the first four books in the Life in the Wild Series (Big Bear Hug, The Busy Beaver, Making the Moose Out of Life and Up The Creek), you will be delighted to join these three fast friends on yet another adventure. This time, they decide that climbing a nearby mountain might just be the perfect outing. Off they go!

They have a trusty map, a walking stick, a compass and a red bird. They love adventure, as you know; they are very competitive, as you also know. So, you have probably figured out that things will not go according to plan. You will also know that there is sure to be a laugh or two.

The first part of their trip involves a valley, a grassy field, a stream and a deep canyon (DON'T LOOK DOWN). As they reach the foot of the mountain they are about to climb, they sit for a snack and a chat. How to make the trek more interesting is the topic. Beaver knows ... they will race to the top. Oh, boy!

Moose is in the lead when he jumps out of the way of a boulder and falls over the side of the mountain. The bear is willing to try saving him. Inevitably, it is beaver to the rescue. The rest of the trip plays out as one of the recurring joys for this team of forever friends.

Nicholas Oldland's digitally created illustrations will be familiar and charming to fans. The characters are droll, and endearing. The setting is cleverly designed. If you want a book about friendship and being kind, this would make a perfect story to read aloud!        

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