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Saturday, February 7, 2015

DK SMITHSONIAN: Did You Know? Edited by Fleur Star. DK Publishers. 2014. $22.99 ages 6 and up

"Only female wasps and only some species of wasp can sting. Social wasps (which live in groups) may sting to defend themselves or their nests if they are in danger. Solitary wasps (which live alone) also use their sting to kill or stun their prey ... A wasp's sting injects venom (poison) into its prey."  Just a reminder to check out You won't be sorry that you did!  In this entertaining and informative book, the designers have included sections about space, the earth, living world, history, science and the human body. There is a listing at the beginning of each of those sections that shows the questions asked, and to be answered as you pore over its pages. Then, each double page spread repeats that question and strives to provide answers that make the learning engaging and worthwhile. The 3-D illustrations and captions are well done, further information shared is placed on the pages in a box, and a quick quiz is included with three easy questions to be answered.  This is a great early reference book, and will find fans who just want to pore over its many well designed pages. The focus is on subjects of great interest to children and is sure to hold their attention. The spread that concerns living in a castle shows a birds-eye view and cross-sections of the castle itself, and all that can be found inside. Arrows point out such things as living rooms, the moat, the drawbridge, the  defence towers,  and the main entrance. We are also told that it is a concentric castle from the 13th century. The information box is concerned with luxury living and the quick quiz reminds readers to think about what they have learned in their reading.  And not to belabor a point, but don't forget to check at  for a tremendous resource for your home and your classroom.  

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