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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Waiting Is Not Easy! Written and illustrated by Mo Willems. Hyperion Books for Children, Hachette. 2014. $9.99 ages 3 and up

"So I will have to ...
wait for it?



Oh, well. If I
have to wait,
I will wait."

No one knows better how hard it is to wait than every preschooler I ever met! Well, and retired people who don't seem to like standing in lines at the grocery store. I cannot tell you how many times I have offered my spot so they can get on with whatever pressing engagement has them waiting so grumpily. I also taught kindergarten (and helped raise two kids), so I know a lot about 'how much longer?', 'when will we be there?', what are we waiting for?'

Poor Gerald! He knows there is a surprise coming. Piggie practically blows him over with her daring pronouncement. Once his curiosity has the better of him, Gerald cannot get one tiny tidbit of information from his best friend. After all, 'a surprise is a surprise.'

He does manage to finagle some clues about it. But, Piggie is adamant that he won't get any more information, and that the surprise is not yet ready to be shared! Throughout the WHOLE day, the pattern is the same. Gerald asks. Piggie refuses. Gerald GROANS! On and on it goes.

All the while, your listeners will be totally engaged in the dialogue and the action! Mo Willems has the touch. He just keeps proving that to be the truth. When the surprise is finally revealed, we will all agree that it was so worth it to wait, and anticipate, and share the moment. Then, it's 'turn about is fair play' for Gerald. Can it get any better than this?

Oh, the joy that real friendship brings!

We are waiting, Mr. Willems. What surprise do you have in store for us in your 23rd book about this dynamic duo?

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