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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Pigeon Needs a Bath! words and pictures by Mo Willems.Hyperion Books for Kids, Hachette. 2014. $17.99 ages 3 and up

"Life is so short.

Why waste it on
unimportant things?

Like taking a bath!

What smell?

I don't smell

Welcome back, Pigeon ... I think!?!

In all the hoopla that has been his life, Pigeon has managed to garner a passel of grime upon himself. As dirty as you think he is, he does not want to hear it! So, don't bother passing along your thoughts on the state of his 'person'. He begs to differ!

As you would expect, Pigeon wants his audience to have a say in whether he really does need to clean up his act. Of course, he does. Really? When he asks for a definition of both clean and dirty, he is quick to suggest that they are merely 'words'. Turning the tables on those who accuse him of needing a bath, he wonders if perhaps the shoe is on the wrong foot. Maybe a bath is not what HE needs; perhaps, we should take a look to ourselves!

When he gets a whiff of himself, and notes the many flies that hover nearby, he rethinks his position. Even the flies suggest that a bath might be in order. Fine! He'll do it ...

Kids will love the amount of time it takes for him to finally 'take the plunge'. Using small panels to move the action along, Pigeon uses every excuse he can to stay out of the tub. Laughter ensues, and Pigeon graciously satisfies fans young and old with this new adventure.

It's been two long years without you, Pigeon. Personally, I am thrilled that you have made another appearance. I can honestly say you are as funny now as you were when we first met!

Thank you, Mo Willems.

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