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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lucky, written and illustrated by David Mackintosh. Harper, 2014. $19.99 ages 6 and up

"Hey...we might be
getting a lift!

But Mum says that
climbing stairs is
good for our calves.

Just maybe...
my very own room,"

You never know what might happen when Mom announces that her sons have a surprise in store for them when the family gathers later for dinner! What might it be?

There is no end to the guessing that goes into trying to determine what their mum has in mind. Younger brother Leo is hoping for 'crinkly chips.' His older brother thinks back on other surprises, and manages to negate many of his own ideas. It could be a new car, a swimming pool, a lift in their apartment building, a room of his own...the mind is full of possibilities!

It isn't until Leo sparks thinking in a brand new direction that the boys are able to concentrate on the chance that they have made THE correct guess:

I bet we're going to
Hawaii for two weeks:
all expenses paid!"

Leo has all the information from a brochure he's reading in the doctor's office. Off they go, imagining a trip won in a competition. It doesn't take long for word to get out; a secret told is a secret shared. Everyone on the school bus hears before the bus stops. Soon, the teacher knows and then the Head's a celebration for all!

Home they go...all anticipatory glee at knowing that the surprise has been guessed! They can't wait to tell their mum. She's in for a stunner....or, is she? Turns out, after removing himself to his bedroom to pout, Leo has orchestrated a 'different surprise.' Huzzah!

David Mackintosh's uses mixed media, and abundant ideas, to tell this family story that is full of laughter and love. There is so much to see in the detail-loaded illustrations. You are sure to pore over them again and again as you share this story with your kids. Aren't they LUCKY?

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