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Friday, November 14, 2014

Louise Loves Art, written and illustrated by Kelly Light. Balzer + Bray, Harper. 2014. $21.99 ages 4 and up

"To be a great artist,
you have to notice

Every line...

every curve...

Wait - hold that pose!
I will capture your

It's evident from the get-go that Louise loves to draw! Her black cat shows this is so when we are invited to check her out on the front endpapers. Turning up the corner of the page, we can see her hard at work, a huge smile on her face. The title page serves to prove the point. Louise, tongue out and pencil in hand, is working on her latest creation while surrounded by the fruits of her labor. They are on the walls, on her bed and flung helter-skelter across the floor of her bedroom. Her younger tow-headed brother pokes his head in through the open doorway. What magic awaits:

"I love art!
It's my imagination on the outside."

Her little brother is intrigued and focused on adding his own special touches to the many perfect pictures Louise has created. Louise knows that she has a masterpiece inside; all she has to do is keep working until it shows itself. Finally, the image is captured and she is set to prepare for a show! Her brother (aptly named Art) is keen to show his work. Louise is busy!

The 'Gallery du Fridge" is just right for displaying her grand achievement!

As she works, Art putters and seeks her attention. Too late, Louise discovers just what has kept Art! He wants to be just like his big sister. I love Louise, I love Art and I absolutely love Louise Loves Art! You need to have this book.                                                                           

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