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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Standing In for Lincoln Green, written and illustrated by David Mackintosh. Harper, 2013. $19.99 ages 6 and up

"Watering, homework
and returning the Field
Trip Permission Slip,
are all on the list.

Lincoln Green makes
the most of every
opportunity for You
Know Who to help out.

But one day..."

We all need a 'stand-n', don't we? Lincoln Green uses his mirror image to tackle the tasks that he has no interest in doing. I could use someone right now to dust shelves, wash the kitchen floor, declutter the pantry. I guess I could get You Know Who to do it. It's a lesson I learned from Lincoln:

"Because the other things that MUST BE
DONE TODAY, like tidying and putting away,
straightening up and sorting out, will still be
done just fine, by his handy stand-in...

You Know Who."

Who is Lincoln? Well, he looks like a cowboy and lives a great life, it appears. He likes to do what he likes to do, preferring to give over the other stuff to...well, you know who! It isn't long until Lincoln is taking no responsibility whatsoever for what should be done. YKW gets pretty tired of being the scapegoat. An invitation to join a new club allows YKW to get back the freedom he has lost. Having  his stand-in shirk his responsibilities results in some dire straits, and Lincoln must deal with the fallout. In doing so, he makes an important discovery about friendship and dependability.

Imaginative and funny, David McIntosh uses cartoon-like drawings and a multitude of impressive details to bring Lincoln and his alter ego (clothed in a shirt sporting a reverse L) to glorious life for readers. Kids with keen eyes will find much to discuss while learning a bit about getting things done on their own.

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