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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hug Machine, written and illustrated by Scott Campbell. Atheneum Books, Simon & Schuster, 2014. $19.99 ages 3 and up

"My hugs calm
people down.

They cheer them up.

They make them go
completely nuts!

I am the
Hug Machine!"

You'll need to be an observer when you read this feel-good book! There are many funny and sweet details that are not mentioned in the words. He calls himself the Hug Machine, and I can definitely relate to his need to hug.  I LOVE hugs!

He seems the perfect person to be what he is...he is little with long arms, seemingly made for the job he has made his own. No matter who, or what, comes within range, he wraps himself around it...people, objects, family. He even hugs rocks, machines and animals with alarming characteristics. He is irresistible to all he approaches! Just watch his content countenance when the hugging begins.

In this stellar debut, author/illustrator Scott Campbell creates an open-armed character who does his best to bring joy and serenity to all who inhabit his world. The delightful watercolors, done in muted tones, assure a feeling of snuggly warmth when the first reading is done. I love looking at the perspectives, including the wonderful close-ups. Don't miss out on reading it again!

The repetitive nature of the book gives it a feeling of gentle assurance and encourages beginning readers to try it independently. Please don'to forget to check out the endpapers...front and back!  Then, get your cuddle on...and share this smart and entertaining picture book with someone you want to hug! No one will be able to resist your 'unbelievable hugging' either.

It's going on my 'keepers' shelf and will be shared endlessly with my new granddaughter, via Facetime.


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