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Monday, July 14, 2014

What in The World? By Julie Vosburgh Agnone. National Geographic Kids, Random House. 2014. $ 19.99 ages 5 and up

"Find these RAIN
FOREST items.

1 sloth
3 butterflies
1 tarantula
4 snakes
1 gorilla
3 birds
1 pair of binoculars
1 giant fly"

You know the wondrous talent of National Geographic photographers. You will not be surprised at the beauty of the images included in this game book which encourages readers to take a close and careful look to see what is really on each page.

The first image shows a green snake camouflaged in the trees of the rain forest. It is a promise for what is to come. The game is explained in the following two page spread, by sharing information about the brain and how it helps us see things, and by explaining how puzzles can work to 'strengthen visual perception and cognitive skill'. Your brain is about to get a workout!

Separated into sections that include What In The World?, Shapes in Nature, Take a Look!, Up Close, Hidden Animals, Optical Illusion, Double Take, and More Challenges, the book offers hours of fun and hard work for those who share it. Answers are provided in three pages at the end, and followed with a section offering more to explore through websites, magazines, books and television.

There are word puzzles and clues to help players make guesses at what they are seeing; questions that require careful thought; and fun facts that are sure to add to the store of knowledge they will have when the reading is done.

"Fun Fact!

Soccer balls were originally made from pig bladders."

There is so much to do, and see, and discover...this is another great book to inspire reading and summer fun!

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