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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Spot The Bug, written by Tom Jackson. DK Publishing, Tourmaline Editions Inc. 2013. $10.99 ages 7 and up

"You will not have any trouble finding bugs. They live almost everywhere - even in your own home. Every bug has a favorite place to feed...many bugs eat plants, so you can always find them in a garden or park. Some will live on stems, while others crawl around on the leaves or the ground beneath the plant...Bugs often love to live or hide in damp, dark places. Turn over logs or large stones and you'll find plenty of bugs."

Here's another terrific field guide for anyone who loves bugs, and wants to know more about them! Not me, but I will tell you about it anyway. It's a perfect place for budding entomologists to begin their learning. It's pocket-sized and perfect for taking along whenever you visit a forest, field, or any other place where bugs might find food and shelter. (Like on the back patio, or your lawn!)

The author begins by telling his audience about identification, bug bodies, habitats, food and feeding, life cycles, skin shedding and even includes a page filled with 'useful words' that are sure to help in the search for the creepy creatures. Following that, he provides a comprehensive guide to a wide range of bugs.

Each of the more than 70 species is profiled with short descriptive paragraphs, and icons that tell about habitat, food, and size. He even includes a male symbol on some pages for bugs whose female counterpart does not like the same. The format is extremely useful, and is accompanied by clear, colorful photos of each of the bugs included.

Simple to use, this book will be much appreciated as you venture forth to various venues this summer on the lookout for the bugs that live in your vicinity, and further afield. To add to the fun for kids, they will find four pages of stickers in the back to be placed near the photos of the bugs that they do identify. This is an excellent resource for all.

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