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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Quiz Whiz 3: 1,000 Super Fun Mind-Bending Totally Awesome Trivia Questions. National Geographic Kids, Random House. 2014. $10.99 ages 8 and up

"True or false?
Only male mosquitoes bite humans.

Scientists have discovered that
birds dream about....

a. cats
b. songs
c. nest building
d. auditioning for American Idol"

Now, this is a book we might have taken with us every time we went out to eat dinner with our kids. It was always so much fun to have something to do while we decided what we were all going to have, and then waited for it to be prepared and served. It was also necessary, if you wanted to enjoy an outing that would not end in boredom, or squarrels (as David called them).

The book is filled with amazing photos that are sure to capture attention and elicit observation and discussion. Add to that the pages of trivia that will have kids challenging their parents, and vice versa. Here are the section titles: Pet Pals, Big Ideas, Pop Culture, Wild World, Sports Challenge, Making History, Play With Your Food, and The Numbers Game. The design is lively, and easy to navigate. Readers will be drawn first to their own favorite subject.

I chose Pop Culture. It opens with this Did You Know?

"The Diary of the Wimpy Kid series includes eight books, three movies and more."

Diehard fans will know all of those facts. Others may not. The section also includes toy trivia, music questions, famous pairs and much more. I found it hard to stop guessing at the answers. I didn't want to be wrong! Luckily, a note at the bottom of each set of questions told me where to check to see if I was right. Aah!

Going on vacation where you might need help distracting the kids through long hours on the road? Going camping, and need something to entertain everyone around the campfire. You could do much worse than take this book along to help with those minutes when distraction is the order of the day. And hey, you will come back home smarter than you were when you left...maybe!

Do you know the answer to these?

"What are the two long boundary lines called that mark the sides of a soccer playing field?
a. no-no lines
b. sidelines
c. out-of-bounds lines
d. touch lines"


"In which country did professional soccer first develop?
a. Mexico
b. U.S.A.
c. Brazil
d. England"

Do you need this book? I think you might!

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