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Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's That Bird, by Joseph DeCostanzo. DK Publishing, Tourmaline Editions Inc. 2012. $10.95 ages 8 and up

"Birds are fantastic creatures. Each species is marked by distinctive shapes and colors, calls and songs. Some have different patterns and colors according to age, sex, and season. This book cannot cover all the variations, but it gives you a good start. The size, colors, and behaviors of birds make them the most accessible wild creatures for most people. Many birds live in close proximity to people."

I often sit in my porch listening to bird song and wondering what bird is visiting my backyard. Now, I will wonder no more! This brilliant little guide is said to be perfect for beginning birders...count me in to that group. Hopefully, by summer's end, I will be more informed and more able to identify the host of critters that make their way to Manitoba in summer and grace our yards with their presence.

This pocket guide tells readers about more than 150 common birds, and informs them concerning identification:

"Learning how to identify birds requires attention to details such as shape, size, color, plumage patterns, and sound."

The full color photographs are sure to help me identify birds that make a stop in our neighborhood. Some are very familiar, others will require a quick peek at the guide to see if it can help me determine any newcomer. While I listen to robins, mourning doves, blue jays, grackles, crows and wrens every day, I want to be able to identify other less familiar birds who make their way to my yard.

Now, I can do just that!

Easy for kids to use the photos for identification, and perfect for parents who want to know more about the birds themselves, their territory and their identifying features.

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