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Sunday, June 29, 2014

My New Friend Is So Fun! Written and illustrated by Mo Willems. Hyperion Books, Hachette. 2014. $9.99 ages 4 and up

"Both Piggie and Brian
are so nice!

They must be having a
really fun time!


They must be having a
super fun time!

Wahoo...they are BACK! It seems a while since I felt their presence. As we have all come to expect, they are just as irresistible as the last time we met. In this adventure, we get to know a bit about two new characters...Brian Bat and Snake. Snake lets Gerald know that Piggie is playing with Brian, as they have just met. Turns out they are having a terrific time together.

At first, Gerald and Snake are OK with that. They are, after all, their best friends and both are really nice. As they talk about the good time the other two are having, Gerald has an epiphany. Could they be having too much fun? Might the fun they are having together be better than the fun they have always had with their best friends from the past?

It's enough to make the old friends worry...what if they like their new friends better? What if they have more fun together than they had with Gerald and Snake? What then? The two make the decision that they should bring up the subject with Piggie and Brian. Off they go!

They skid to a screeching stop when they find Piggie and Brian laughing uproariously. Both sets of friends have something to say to the others. Piggie starts the conversation, and Brian joins in:

"We have to tell you how much fun we are having? So much fun!"

It is their worst fears realized. Gerald and Snake are aghast, and speechless! As the two new friends go on and on about their time together, the concern builds and doom sits upon their old friends' shoulders. What will they do?

You know that Mo Willems is going to come up with the perfect ending, don't you?

He amazes me each and every time. These books remain favorite purchases for all children just beginning their journey to being literate readers who love books, and for those who just LOVE great stories (adults included).

Thanks again, Mo Willems!

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