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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Fly, written and illustrated by Elise Gravel. Tundra, 2014. $12.99 ages 7 and up

"We don't call him the
because he's a pet,
like a dog or a cat,
but because he likes
to get inside our
The housefly is found
in every country in the
world. Houseflies like
humans because we offer..."

Just what exactly is it that we offer, and how do we stop? Well, I'm not sure we can do anything at all about it. After reading this engaging and enlightening book, you will find yourself knowing far too much about that eternal pest that somehow manages to live through record-breaking cold winters and be first to greet the spring, with as much joy and welcome as we do!

The Fly is one of  two new books in the Disgusting Critters series. It promises to be a most welcome addition to any school collection, and for those early readers who love to build their store of information about all things icky!

I'm sure that you will not like 'the fly' any more than you already do, but I do think that you will come away from the reading more knowledgeable about it. You are also likely to be grossed out, a real selling feature for its intended audience. Filled with wonderful graphic artwork and plenty of laughs, kids are sure to be soon sharing it with anyone who might listen.

Elise Gravel has a lot of fun with the information she wants to share. When his mother cautions Jonathan (the fly in question) about not spoiling his dinner, we spy him with his hand almost caught in the cookie jar of  'doggie doo'. I mean, YUCK!!!

The fly family has all the attributes of a family life...a mom, a dad, a younger child and an adolescent. Their dialogue will have kids giggling with delight, as they perhaps see themselves in some of the scenes (minus the gross and disgusting parts). They do eat dinner together, the parents do give advice, the adolescent is a bit trying in his baseball cap and with his prerequisite 'attitude'. It is this family dynamic that adds the much appreciated humor, while the author provides all of the essential information.

Oh, what fun!

The Worm is next up;
The Slug and The Rat will be ready for the fall list, I hope.

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