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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Starring Me and You, written and illustrated by Genevieve Cote. Kids Can Press, 2014. $16.95 ages 2 and up

"I want to do MY play!

I want to do it MY way!

Grr...When I'm angry,
I grumble and pout.

When I'M angry,
I kick and SHOUT!"

Wahoo! Piggy and Bunny are back. I welcome them with open arms, much as I do Piggie and Elephant whenever they have a new story to tell. If you haven't read their first two stories (Me and You and Without You), you should!

In this third tale of friendship (with all of its ups and downs), the two search through a dress-up trunk with putting on a play in mind. The trunk has all the props they need. Once the curtain is hung between two step ladders, with the help of Frog and Butterfly, the stage (as they say) is set. On with the show!

That's when it starts to fall apart...Bunny is pretty shy and can't seem to get past the stage curtain. While Bunny finds hiding the solution to her shyness, Piggy 'smiles'. It's awkward to be at odds, and it exacerbates the responses they each have to their own performance. Once those little idiosyncrasies are in the open, perhaps the show can go on.

Well, no! Now, they have to agree on what kind of show they will present. The choice is not easy, and leads to more extreme reactions...that is, until they both see the light and recognize the need for compromise.

"Whatever we are, whatever we do,
the stage is always big enough for
me and you."

Mixed media artwork ensures that young readers know exactly how each of the friends feels at all times. Don't miss even the smallest detail on each page as Ms. Cote explores, once more, the many facets of friendship and emotion.

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