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Monday, January 20, 2014

Daisy Gets Lost, by Chris Raschka. Schwartz & Wade, Random House. 2013. $19.99 ages 3 and up

I'm on a roll with wordless
books today, so I have no
quote to put in the space
beside the book cover.

Please indulge me, and just
take the time to truly enjoy
the imagination and talent
that bring us books that are
meant to be loved by all!

The adventurous and endearing Daisy returns for an encore, in this nearly wordless tale. Her ball is blue this time; but its willingness to be chased is similar to its red counterpart. Daisy loves chasing! The tendency for tracking leads her into a new kind of trouble.

Just as she catches up and snags the runaway sphere, she comes in close contact with a nut-gathering,
unconcerned squirrel. Intent on making a game of chase with a new target, Daisy sets off at a quick pace with capture in mind. The squirrel proves adept at evasion, running into the forest and up a tree.

Only then does Daisy realize that she has no idea where she is, or how she got there. Her owner comes to the same conclusion at exactly the same time and wears an identical look of horror. She calls loudly, and often, for her pet. That calling and Daisy's howling set them on the right path to find one another. A happy reunion is the only feasible ending for the two pals!

Chris Raschka has a unique gift for captivating his audience with the force of strong emotions. He uses ink, watercolor and gouache to create another wonderful book with Daisy at its core. She is a charmer who has already captured the attention and love of numerous fans. We are blissfully wise to the proximity of pet and owner throughout their ordeal, but cannot help being drawn into the almost calamitous result of a wild chase. Mr. Raschka's  ever-changing perspectives keep the trajectory of this lively new story always at the forefront, and are extraordinarily effective.

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