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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Tiny King, written and illustrated by Taro Miura. Candlewick Press, Random House. 2013. $17.00 ages 2 and up

"The Tiny King had a big,
big bathtub.
It even had a water fountain.
But splishing and splashing
all by himself was never much
The Tiny King's bed was a big,
big bed.
But he slept in it all alone
every night."

This tiny king will immediately capture the attention of the children who share his story. He looks a bit like he's made from Lego. But, not quite! We can easily see just how tiny he really is. In fact, the front cover encourages us to consider it with a note posted beside his green leg (This is the actual size of the Tiny King). On we go!

His castle is enormous, his army numbers many and the soldiers are huge, his dinner table is overwhelming, even his horse is so big that he cannot possibly ride it without incident. The poor guy!
Sleeping alone is no fun either; but, when he falls in love, his troubles dissipate. Happiness reigns when the contented couple welcomes a menagerie of TEN children!

The soldiers are sent home on vacation. Laughter spills from castle windows, stairwells, and the outdoors. Now that he has someone to share his life with, the Tiny King enjoys that life as he has never done previously. All is well!

I love the graphic geometric shapes, the bright colors, and the sense of perspective that preschoolers will discover as this book is shared. Be sure to note the changes in background color as the king's life changes. The stellar design uses digital collage that is sure to attract just the right amount of attention...deservedly so! Full of heart and offering a commendable life lesson, it is bound to be enjoyed by all.


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