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Sunday, December 8, 2013

IT CAN'T BE TRUE! Dorling Kindersley Limited, Tourmaline Editions. 2013. $19.99 all ages

"The biggest-ever
iceberg began its life
when it broke free
from an ice shelf
off Antarctica
in 1956. It was
208 miles (335 km)
long and 60 miles
(100 km) wide."

Here's another of those remarkable books from DK that teach you what you didn't know you wanted to know! From front to back it astonishes with little known (or considered) facts that will have you opening your eyes wide and wanting to share that new knowledge. I can just hear young readers at the dinner table offering the fact that a blue whale's heart is as large as a car, that the number of people killed by the Black Death would fill 827 Rose Bowl stadiums, or that the average human body contains approximately 100 trillion cells, and 10 times that number of bacteria. Did you know that you wanted to know that?

The book is divided into sections for quick reference, and they include 'out of this world', 'astounding earth', 'humans and other life-forms', and 'feats of engineering'. Each section is then divided into questions and data. Having just celebrated another birthday, I went straight to "How old are the oldest animals?"

"Ocean quahog clams are known to live for more than 400 years. Scientists think some sponges may live even longer."

Okay, you're safe. I have no intention of living that long! A timeline at the bottom of the page shows hourglass timers that range from an elephant (86 years)) to the quahog (405 years). It's a great graphic.

You'll be saying 'WOW!' and you will be wanting to share what you have learned. It will be the same for kids who read this book.  Isn't that what we want for them?

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