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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Warning: Do NOT Open This Book, narrated by Adam Lehrhaupt and illustrated by Matthew Forsythe. A Paula Wiseman, Simon & Schuster, 2013. $18.99 ages 3 and up

"Why did you turn the page?

Didn't you see the warning?

Stay on this page.
You are safe here.

This is a good page.

I like this one."

Who is going to be able to resist doing just exactly what they are told not to do? You know it won't be you, don't you?

Kids won't be able to take the advice given either, and will be itching to move forward, despite all the admonitions to just leave it alone!  Isn't that the best thing about books that are meant to engage our children in a fun reading experience that does nothing but encourage them to learn how to read it, too?

One lone monkey takes an unbelieving peek at the reader...what are you doing, he seems to ask. Turn another page, and here they come. They have paint cans, paint brushes, tubes of paint and even a guitar. You know it's going to get messy. The monkeys don't appear to be concerned. They are, after all, creating a happy place for themselves and they aren't too worried about anyone else. Once they have completed each of their chosen projects, they are content to sit back and relax. Don't get too comfortable, monkeys! There is more in store for you.

Can you hear the giggling? It won't be long until they can read it for themselves and soon there will be a chorus of voices sharing the hilarity with expression and delight. It's left to readers to help contain each of the new arrivals within the confines of the book. Can they do it? I think they can. Just keep careful watch on little fingers each time the book slams shut!

One of my favorite forever books to read out loud is The Monster at the End of This Book. It always gets such a wonderful response from listeners. This is a great addition to all books of that type and will ensure response and love for those who share them.

Matt Forsythe's earthy tones and always growing cast of characters add to the chaos that is so catchy, and so inspiring as little ones take the opportunity to break all rules while listening very carefully to the 'don'ts'! Can't you just hear the joyful voices as they screech out their own warnings, after they have listened again and again?

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