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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Patrick Eats His Peas and other stories, written and illustrated by Geoffrey Hayes. Toon Books, Candlewick Press. Random House, 2013. $15.00 ages 4 and up

"What's cooking?
Noodles, corn on the cob...
and PEAS!
What did you go and make
PEAS for? You know I
don't like them.
Peas are GOOD for you.
They are not!
Peas are like little balls of

When I started reading this terrific set of tales about Patrick, I had to stop and call Erin. She would totally agree with Patrick...on every level when it comes to peas. Can't stand them, never has been able to stomach them. Patrick has all the excuses, Mom has patience with every trick in the book, and when Patrick comes up with the solution to his abject dislike of said vegetable, she has the good sense and warm humor to accept his independence.

Once fed and satisfied that he has had the upper hand, Patrick sets off to be of help to his dad as they clean up the autumn leaves. He would rather be flying his kite, but a lack of wind makes that impossible. You can imagine the heap of help that this buoyant young bear is able to offer. He torpedoes into the newly raked pile of leaves, pulls weeds that are really flowers, and waters people rather than the flowers that so badly need a drink. Daddy soon suggests that Ma might need his assistance, much to Ma's consternation.

There are two more trying times in Patrick's day...bath time and bedtime.

"Ma, taking a bath made me thirsty. Can I have some milk?
You can have a bedtime snack after we clean up the bathroom.
Bedtime? ALREADY!?
You mean I wasted all this time taking
that dumb bath?
Can't I stay up a little longer? Just tonight? CAN"T I?"

They are just as much fun as the first ones and perfect for early readers. This book is sure to be a hit!

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