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Saturday, August 10, 2013

AH HA, written and illustrated by Jeff Mack. Chronicle Books, Raincoast. 2013. $ 19.99 ages 3 and up





Each one of those sentiments has a totally different meaning. The proof is in the pictures! It isn't necessarily what you say that matters, it is how you say it! The frog is living (well, almost not) proof of that concept! 

Can I just say it? I LOVE Jeff Mack. What a strong sense of story he has...and that sense of humor is something we need to put in a jar for everyone to enjoy. His new book (along with Good News, Bad News) have a place on my list of absolutely necessary books for a new baby's library. I already have copies on order for dear friends whose baby is due in mid-October. The bag just keeps growing and will soon burst its seams. Oh well, there are always bigger bags!

I cannot begin to do justice to the concepts that Jeff has created for this book that contains only two letters, a lively cast of characters and incredible illustrations. It involves a lazy, lolling frog on a sunny, warm day who comes upon a rock suitable for singing. Quickly and surprisingly captured in a glass jar by a pair of lucky hands, he is eager to find release. Once out of the jar, each new place deemed safe is NOT! Each new action elicits a different and appropriate meaning for AH and HA, or for AH HA!
Thankfully, in the end, the waters are mirrored by a starry quiet night, and all seems well in the frog's world....AAHH!

Jeff Mack uses mixed media to create the brilliant, energetic illustrations. Readers are sure to be entranced by the continuous action, the surprising humor for each change of scene, and the chutzpah of our froggy hero. Very observant little ones will notice that the speech bubbles change color as the characters speaking change. So clever!

This one is going to be great fun to read...again and then, again!

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