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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Little Mouse Gets Ready, a TOON BOOK by Jeff Smith. Candlewick, Random House. 2009. $6.00 ages 3 and up

"I can't wait to see the chickens in the barn. They drop lots of yummy seeds on the ground. Then I'll find the horses and eat all the OATS that they drop on the floor! There! Pants are NEXT!"

Oh, early readers are going to love that they get to read a graphic story...just like the big kids! It's also a picture book, full of detailed images that are sure to please.

It's Little Mouse's job to get himself ready to go to the barn with the rest of the family. Mama is ready and needs him to be the same. It's an exciting time for all when the family makes an excursion of visiting there.

As Mama waits, Little Mouse hurries to ensure that every step in the getting ready routine is accomplished. We watch as he finds each piece of clothing he will need, and then watch again as he carefully dons each and every one:

"Now, let's see...The first thing to put on are the underpants.
Check for the tag. That's the back.
Underpants are EASY to put on...
Just be sure to get your tail in the tail hole."

There are snaps and buttons, and he achieves satisfied success. He is finally ready!  It is only after all the hard work and struggle that Mama makes a surprising announcement:

"Well, mice don't wear clothes!"

His clothing explodes off him, and away he runs...straight for the barn. Ah, the joy of freedom from constriction!  

This is a perfect book for children seeking independence in their everyday living. Energetic and charming, it will find fans in those who share it...or who can read it for themselves.

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